How are Weight Loss and Strength Training Related?

weight loss and strength training

Weight loss and strength training go well together. Strength training helps in weight loss by enhancing muscle mass to enable the body to burn more calories even at rest. Intense training protects lean body mass and helps in fat loss.

People who are involved in strength training might not lose weight, but they certainly lose fat. This is because they gain muscle mass which weigh heavier than fat. Weight loss and strength training are closely related. Let’s look how it works:

Permanent Weight Loss

When it comes to long term weight loss, strength training is much better than dieting. In most cases, dieters regain the weight they had lost but strength trainers don’t. Consuming fewer calories lowers the metabolic rate of the body, and so it takes just a few calories to raise the weight of the body again. Apart from that, extreme diet would make you low on required energy supply.

And then there are many diets that have bad effects on health. A good strength training program will always boost your health, and reduce the chances of injuries. Also, while dieting decreases muscle mass, making the body weak, strength training increases muscle mass, thus making the body stronger. There is no doubt that weight loss and strength training go hand in hand.

Enhanced Metabolism

Strength training allows you to work out more calories not just during the session, but also in your daily life. Because muscle maintenance needs more energy than fat maintenance, strength training athletes burn more calories even when they are sitting at their desk or digesting food. Strength training can increase metabolism rate by about 15%. There are also some metabolic changes related to strength training, like decreasing insulin resistance.

Weight Loss and Strength Training v/s Cardio

Cardio exercises, like running, brisk walking, aerobics, cycling, and swimming promote good cardiovascular health. People who do regular cardio exercises have lower chances of having heart attacks or strokes.

There is no doubt that cardio is good for health, but if you want long term weight loss, strength training is better because it helps people to burn calories not just while exercising, but while doing other things as well.

Taking Things Slow

Most people look for quick results. But keep in mind that if you lose weight quick, you will gain it back very soon. Strength training is a good way to lose weight but you need to be patient and give it some time. On an average, you will lose a maximum of 2 pounds in a week by following the right exercise and diet plan. You should take a balanced diet with proper nutrition. Keep in mind that some amount of fat is also required by your body. With the right exercises and proper diet, you will see the effect of weight loss and strength training.

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