Faster, Stronger, Better – Your Shortcut To Improved Athletic Performance

Your Shortcut To Improved Athletic Performance

Which track and field athlete does NOT want to improve his or her athletic performance?

Anyone who is competition minded wants to be better. Always. Maybe you want to improve for the team, maybe to break a personal record, maybe just to stay fit and healthy. Whatever your goal, this web site is determined to help you.

Hello and welcome to my site.

My name is Aston Moore. I am a coach in track and field specializing in horizontal and vertical jumping. I am widely recognized as one of the foremost experts in jump training in the world today. I have over 30 years experience firstly as an elite competitor - one who has represented Great Britain in the Olympics and other major world wide competitions.

I am now the personal coach and mentor to some of the most successful athletes in the world. My stable of athletes and sports people includes not only medallists in truly major world events such as Olympics Games, but also World Champions and World record holders.

You could say, I know the game :-)

Your Shortcut To Improved Athletic Performance

If you want to be a faster, stronger and better athlete you will most likely not only listen to your coach (if you have one) but also read web sites about track and field and sports training. Thanks to the Internet we now have access to an incredible wealth of information.

However, if you use the Net to find tips and advice, you will regularly find imprecise and contradictory information or advice from "trusted" resources that are not as "trusted" as they say they are.

Here at Elite Athletic Performance I want to provide you with no nonsense, research based information on a variety of issues related to track and field, sports, health and fitness.

Just a few things you can expect from this site:

  • I will share some of the tips and tricks that I teach when I coach top athletes
  • You will learn drills that help you improve your agility and increase your speed
  • You will find out how you can add more energy to your exercise routine using plyometrics
  • You will learn how to jump higher and how to jump further
  • You will learn how you can benefit from circuit training and core training
  • I even tell you about training equipment, shoes, sports apparel etc and give you buyer's advice
  • And a whole lot more.

In other words, you will find proven workable solutions for every sportsman and sportswoman, whatever your level.

We all love to get into shape or meet our goals as quickly as possible but not everyone is able to hire a coach or trainer. I understand this. I will be pleased to be your personal trainer that speaks from your desk top and help you improve your athletic performance through this site.

To Your Success!

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