Core Training 101- The Basics

Let's talk about core training. One thing that all athletes need is core strength – why? Because most if not all sports require the efficient transfer of force from the ground up through the body as in running, jumping and throwing or striking.

We all know that athletes need a strong torso to transmit power but the limiting factor in this, is how well the upper body is connected to the lower body. The torso is the center of the body’s power any excessive movement through unstable joints will lead to what I call a power leakage.

By strengthening the torso the athlete connects all the joints of the spine and hip into a solid block capable of developing and transferring the force which is created by the leg muscles through to the trunk and arms or potentially any implement in your hands.

Improving the strength and the activation patterns of the deep and superficial muscles of your torso is possible through core training.

Core Training 101- The Basics

There seems to be a whole industry devoted to the concept of core strength and its associated training programs. Despite the lack of any real evidence that this type of training is particularly effective on its own and the prevailing advice is that any work in this area should be an integrated part of any training program and not done in isolation.

So when an athlete begins to look at core strength, they should do so keeping in mind that they are trying to train the body as a whole instead of targeting certain muscle groups for development.

So in this type of training, you should be careful that all the muscles in a movement are activating as they should, that body segments are aligned and that appropriate muscles are strong enough for the task at hand. In this way core strength training becomes an integral part of the complete workout and fit right into the event or sport you are training for.

There are many benefits to ensure core training is integrated into your training programs, such as:

  • Improved sports performance
  • More functional workout exercises that are used in daily activities
  • Reduction in injury risks
  • Better working ability
  • Better posture
  • Stable center of gravity
  • Injury prevention
  • Workouts that challenge you in various ways

Compared to some traditional training methods, including core strength training routines to the training program will add variety to the training session. Here are just a few core strength training methods to enhance your workouts.

  • Pikes on ball
  • Wood chops
  • Med ball crunch
  • Side plank

One way to make the workout more functional is to incorporate the use of specialized equipment. You can also introduce elements of balance to the workout. By doing this, you will engage your core and add new dimensions to your existing training schedule. Some ideas are:

  • Stability balls: The exercise ball can be used in many ways to challenge your stability, balance, and core strength.
  • BOSU ball: This piece of training equipment can be used not just for cardio, but for sports training as well.
  • Wobble board: Including a wobble board in your training session would give you coordination and balance.
  • Yoga/Pilates: This exercise challenges the flexibility and balance of the body, along with torso strength.
  • Foam roller: A foam roller will help you increase your balance and body awareness.

Importance of Core Training

People generally think that core strength training is used to get six pack abs and if that is all you want to do with the exercise, that’s fine. The truth is that if core training is done properly, all the muscles going from the upper back right through to the hips and feet are trained with equal focus.

Having promoted the use of training as a whole body training method, on its own core training can also help back pain patients, and reduce the risk of back injury for athletes. Core training does not just improves the looks of the mid section, it also protects against strains. And with the right type of training, you will notice an improvement in your posture.

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