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Aston Moore coaching track and field

Hi, my name is Aston Moore. I have been coaching track and field athletes for many years and today, I am widely recognized as one of the foremost experts in the field of fitness and physical conditioning in the sport of athletics, where I specialize as a horizontal jumps coach.

I am currently the Senior National Acadamy Coach for Horizontal Jumps in Great Britain where I am the personal coach to some of the leading horizontal jumpers in the country. I have worked with athletes such as Ashia Hansen (former indoor world record holder) and most recently Phillips Idowu (world champion and Olympic silver medallist).

But I am getting ahead of myself here – where did it all began?

Well, I have competed for Great Britain at an international level in Track and Field for over 12 years, my speciality being Triple and Long Jump. I am also a former holder of the British record in the Triple Jump at both junior and senior level. And given that Britain boost the current world record holder (Jonathan Edwards) this is an accomplishment I am very proud of.

During my time as an international athlete some of my achievements were as follows:

  • European Junior Champion at a time when the Soviet Union dominated the globe in Triple Jumping
  • Senior European indoor silver medallist
  • Commonwealth games bronze medallist twice.
  • British and United Kingdom champion 7 times

I am involved at the highest level in track and field and have taken part in the Olympics Games as both a competitor and a team coach. So, I know what it means to be an elite athletic performer – I have walked the walk.

My reason for being a coach is that I hate to see talent go to waste and I found very early in my career that I got a kick out of helping fellow athlete improve. I discovered this when a younger athlete joined my training group and with my help and advice over a number of years he attended the 1984 Olympics in Atlanta where he placed 7th in the final - he became the first athlete that I coached to a world class level.

But although I had great success with this initial athlete, I am not one for taking things for granted. So, I spent the next 15 years honing and perfecting the art and science of coaching. To this day and I continue to strive for perfection.

Coaching Track and Field Athletes

Over those first few years I learnt all I could about the theory and methodology of coaching, studied the biomechanics of human movement and attended courses and seminars in strength and conditioning. And as I applied what I was taught, I was noticed by the coaching hierarchy in British Athletics. They were sufficiently impressed to invite me to take a position with them as the National Junior Coach for the triple jump, success followed, which eventually led to me being offered the position of the National Senior coach for the same event. Over the years I have also held positions as a high performance coach and senior performance manager.

As an athlete I realized that the primary reason most athletes and coaches failed to achieve their objectives was because they did not have a plan. Sure, they all trained, some very hard. But all that effort lacked direction. Their energy went into the wrong things and was therefore wasted.

And so, I developed a coaching philosophy that is quite simple:

  • Decide specifically what you want and when you want to achieve it,
  • Find out what it takes to achieve it and create a plan for doing so.
  • And finally, take action in an organized fashion.
  • It is my sincere wish that you too can begin to achieve success in the sport with the knowledge from my website.

I have had a lot of fun coaching track and field athletes and I have found that with the exception of knowledge, you can’t beat experience and with close to 30 years, I now find myself the personal coach and mentor to some of the most successful athletes and sport people in the world.

I am previledge to have coached:

  • World champions
  • Olympic medallists
  • World championship medallist
  • British Champions
  • American Champions and record holders
  • World record holder
  • Commonwealth champions and medalist
  • Basketball Players
  • Field Hockey Players

My extensive knowledge about coaching track and field athletes is well sought after worldwide where I present at coaching conferences, master-classes and coaching workshops. I also write the odd article for coaching and training journals. And so, it doesn’t matter if sport is just a hobby or you want to take your fitness and performance to the next level, I sincerely hope to help you reach your goals.

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