Planning Your Own Track and Field Workouts

Planning Your Own Track and Field Workouts

Planning your own track and field workouts can be quite overwhelming. Which exercise should you do, and how much? You need proper planning for it, and so you have to make a complete plan to reach your training goals.

Before you start planning your workout program, you need to visit your doctor to make sure you do not have any medical problems. If everything is fine, get ready with a pen and a diary to start writing your workout plan.

Here are some steps that you need to follow to plan your own workout:

Start Slow

Do not make the mistake that many new athletes make: starting with too much too fast. If you try doing a lot at once, it will make you sick. With regular and steady exercising, you will soon love working out and eating healthy, but don’t rush it.

Set Your Mind

Take out a few minutes every day and think what you really want. Visualize the better you- the person you will become in a few months. This will help you stay focused.

Choose Exercises

All track and field workouts do not have the same exercises. You need to pick the right exercise for yourself. Some good ones are: power clean (for all round power), squat jump (for leg power), clapping push up (for upper body power), push press (for full body power), and burpees (for body conditioning).

Keep it Simple

It is best to start with an exercise plan, and then change your diet plan in a few weeks. This is because if you start with everything at once, you will feel overwhelmed and soon drop out. It is good to start slow and then change your lifestyle gradually.

Do the Right Number of Sets

Do not start off with too many sets as you begin track and field workouts. Try doing a couple of warm up sets, and then do about 3-5 sets of each exercise. Do not start with more than 5 exercises. So basically, there would be about 15-25 sets in all.

Do the Right Number of Repetitions

Keep repetitions in the range of 8-15 per set. Start with a small number and then increase it later. Here is a small list of right sets and reps for track and field workouts:

  • Leg press: 3 sets with 8 reps in each
  • Jump squats: 2 sets with 10 reps in each
  • Hanging leg raisers: 2 sets with 12 reps in each
  • Weighted vest pull-ups: 3 sets with 8 reps in each

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