Creating Your Own Strength
Training Routine

If you want to create your very own strength training routine, you must be completely acquainted with weight training practices and principles. Though the right routine would differ from person to person, here is a basic template that can be used to create your very own routine:


Strength is increased by lifting weights with long resting periods between different sets. This is not like strength endurance or bodybuilding programs, which make use of light weights with short rest periods. When you lift heavy weights, you enhance nervous system response.

Strength training routine


This outline will accommodate many users because it is quite general in nature. There should be 20 exercise sessions, with 2-3 per week. You can include bench press, dead lift, squat, overhead press, seated cable row, lat pull down, biceps arm curl, and triceps kick back.

The former six are for building strength, and the latter two are isolation ones to focus on arm muscle groups that are vital in compound exercise, along with balanced development. Dead lifts and squats are for legs, and all these exercises should be mixed for a good form.

Sets and Reps

Compared to a basic strength training routine having 3 sets of 12 reps, this program would use 5 sets of 5 reps, and then 3 sets of 5 reps. Also, make sure to change weights during every session to give a little break to your body. On light days, you can add about 20 additional minutes of cardio if you want.

Maximum Reps

Using trial and error, calculate the right weight for every exercise that will permit you to perform a maximum of 5 reps. This is the number when you are unable to do another rep without resting your body. You should be able to carry on for 5 sets. Dead lifts and squats are very demanding, so don’t expect great results in the beginning. Select the weight that permits you to do all 5 sets and reps.


You should ensure proper recovery between reps and sets and between workouts if you want to take complete advantage of your strength training routine. When you complete 8 sessions, do just 1 session next week, and follow this pattern to give adequate relaxing time to your body. This pattern actually depends upon how well you adjust dead lifting and squatting.

Rest Period

It is a good idea to have a little resting period between sets. An interval of 2 minutes between sets works for most athletes.

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