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Circuit training facilities can and do come in all shapes and sizes. In essence, the space you need depends on the type of circuit training program you are planning to do. For example, there are circuit training programs designed for:

  • Body weight
  • Machine weights
  • Free weights
  • With runs
  • In Groups

Any of the above circuit training methodology or circumstances demands a different type of facility or environment if you are to get the most from your training. For most people your local leisure facilities or sport club is the ideal venue for your circuit training. But delve into our list a little further.

Circuit Training Facilities for Body Weight

One of the advantages of doing body weight circuit training is that it only requires enough space to be able to swing your arms and legs. For that reason, you only need enough space most people have in their homes. Since your exercises need little or no equipment, you can design activities that make the best use of this space. The only downside to space utilization for body weight circuit is if there is a group of you wanting to work together. Nevertheless, even in a small living room, you will still be able to work in groups of about two or three.

Circuit Training Facilities for Machine Weights

Unless you are fortunate enough to have a gym at home, circuit training with machine or fixed weights will have to be done in a specially prepared area. This area needs to be large enough to accommodate several training stations, or alternatively, you need to have one large multi-station machine. 

As you know, circuit training promotes endurance as well as strength, but as fatigue increases, proper lifting form can be harder to maintain. For this reason, machine weights are a safer choice than the free weight option. Further, due to the two-dimensional movements of machine type weights, accidents can be minimized as the lifting loads are fixed and therefore will not cause unwanted movements. 

The downside to circuit training with machine weight is that you will probably be using a commercial facility for your training. Under these circumstances, you will have to share the facility with other paying users. Normally, circuit stations are arranged in a pre-set order. As a consequence, there is no guarantee that as you move from one apparatus to the next, that the next station in your sequence will be available. Another paying customer may already occupy your next exercise station. Some strength training gyms, however, may have dedicated times for circuit training classes.

Circuit Training with Free Weights

Except dumbbells and other transportable resistance equipment that you use within a quasi-body weight circuit session, circuit training using free weights will require a facility similar to that of the machine weights gym. As such, the same advantages and disadvantages apply to free weights circuits training as it does to fixed or machine weights.

Circuit Training Facilities Where Running is involved

If you design your circuit training programs with runs between each exercise or it has, shuttle runs as part of the circuit itself, you will need at least a 10m stretch for the run. A running track or large sports hall would be the ideal setting for this type of circuit session. You can, however, overcome any lack of space by running on the spot or some other mainly aerobic activity (such as running on a mini trampoline) to compensate for not being able to run over a set distance.

Circuit Training Facilities for Groups

It goes without saying that circuit training within a group setting will typically require enough space that allows everyone the freedom to execute each exercise without the danger of impeding someone else. For that reason, group sessions will need the type of area that is only available in a large gym or sports hall.

In conclusion, the more specialized your circuit training workout is, the more specialize your circuit training facilities need to be.

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